Chicken Fajitas

I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago during Mexican night that I had organised with some friends. This quick fajita recipe is really easy to make.


4 skinless free-range chicken breasts
1/2 red onions (finely chopped)
2 red chillies (de-seed and finely chopped)
1/2 jar of sweet pepper confit or 1 fresh red pepper
1 brunch coriander or cilantro (finely chopped)
1 small pinch of ground cumin
8 small tortillas Old-el-Paso fajita kit (includes Mexican mix and topped tomato sauce)
olive oil
pineapple (chopped)
Salads mix
Tortilla chips

Salsa sauce

1 fresh red chilli
500 g of ripe cherry tomatoes
1 brunch coriander or cilantro
1/2 lime
Olive oil


click here to get my recipe



Prepare salsa sauce and guacamole before we start making the fajita topping.

For the salsa, finely chopped red chilli and coriander, roughly chopped the tomatoes, then place it in a bowl, season with salt and pepper, squeeze over the juice of half a lime, drizzle over one tablespoon of olive oil. Set aside.

For the chicken topping, first slice chicken lengthways into long strips, heat the oil on a pan, place the onion, chillies, chicken and sweet pepper confit. Add mexican mix, and ground cumin. Cook until the chicken is golden or cooked through. Turn the chicken occasionally, so they don’t burn.

Warm the tortillas in a microwave. Divide between serving plate, serves yourself to the chicken topping, salsa sauce, guacamole, coriander, chopped pineapple and some salads mix. Serve it with some tortillas chips.



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