About me


Hello! Welcome to my Blog!

My name is Liza. Come from Indonesia. Currently living in Rouen, France. I write homemade food recipes, travelling tips & ideas, life hacker, and some personal thoughts.

P.S. All food recipes have been tested in my kitchen.

contact me: lisaandiliza@gmail.com

Cheers πŸ™‚

Go outside. Live abroad. Taste good food.


12 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hi Liza,
    I also found you through the commenting blog … it sounds like you have an interesting life living in different countries.
    Hope to read some more of your posts,

      1. I do understand the struggle bit, I’ve lived in four other countries and all have their pluses and minuses. Thanks for following me!

  2. Bonjour liz!
    I found your blog from instagram. I’ve a plan to continue my study to france (I’m Indonesian). wish I could learn more about france through you and your blog. I guess that’s it.

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