The coke bottle 

Went to groceries store but they ran out the big bottle of coke, so I bought some glass coke bottles instead and recycled it to DIY project and voilà I just add a new decoration at home.



Strike for more than a week in a row, c’est normal, c’est la France!

Yesterday, I finally knew how it feels to be a victim of the typical French strike (read: la grève). Since the labour law project (le projet de la loi El-Khomri) was announced on February 2016, strike is becoming a weekly basis in some French public services. But last week the situation was such a nightmare. Lots of private companies were doing strike as well (not mine). Even one of the town in France, Le Havre, was paralysed after they blocked access to get into town.

I’m OK with people doing strike as long as they do it properly and do not take other people’s right.  I mean, you can do strike in front of the government offices or kidnap and ask them with thousands questions (I’m kidding!) – I mean, meet them and talk or arrange a public debate until you get what you need. But, what did you get by blocking the main access to the town, burning tires, and vandalising the ATM machine?

source of picture click here

The worst thing is they currently block the access to the petrol refineries, which impact fuel shortages around the region. I heard from the news that last week people were queuing for hours to get the fuel, and some of them were queuing for nothing. I thought the strike would be over on Friday, because normally it just last for one day or two, but apparently they are still on going, because government still  didn’t change anything (typical).

Long story short, yesterday was my turn, my car finally needed the fuel, I went to the gas station near office, but I’ve got nothing. I was pretty desperate because all the nearest gas station were closed due to the shortage. My colleagues told me to go to the gas station on the toll road, which is it’s like more than 30 km away from where I was – if I found nothing there, I wouldn’t make it to find another or even to get home. Thankfully I found a mobile application to let me know where I might find some fuel around the town, at least it would be less gambling.

The gas station was on my way home, so just in case I won’t find anything, I will still survive to get home. But, when I got there, I needed to queue at least for half an hour. The gas station was pretty big, they have 8 lines, 3 of them are closed, 5 of them just have some of diesel, unleaded 95/E10, no more super unleaded. Well, I’m lucky enough, I still got my fuel!

this is me taking picture behind the wheels

In the spirit of participating on today’s prompt – have you ever doing strike? If you did, why and what is all about? If not, would you participate on strike? why?

Me I think, never, it’s not because I don’t care or I don’t like walking too much (lol), but I believe that if you want to change something, you need to be the person who can change something; to be the person who can change something you need the power; to have the power, you need to be smart; to be smart, you need to learn and study; so at the end you can have access to the system and be the person who can change something or at least have influence to change something…



Ricky Gervais on Derek – 2nd quote challenge


I have no idea who Ricky Gervais is until I watched some of his opening jokes at Golden Globes, this guy is mental in funny way. Since then, I started to watch pretty much everything that’s he’s on to, his daily jokes on twitter, even he’s appearance on Ellen Degeneres Show.

But today, It’s about my second and third quotes challenge from my favourite comedian-actor-producer, Ricky Gervais on Derek.

Derek is a British comedy-drama television series starring him, who is also its writer and director. The TV series is available on Netflix. So far, it’s becoming my favourite TV series after Modern family. Believe it or not, I cried every episode like a weeper.

About the plot: Gervais plays 50-year-old Derek Noakes, a care worker at Broad Hill, a home for the elderly, who has worked there for three years. He likes watching reality television shows and game shows and is interested in celebrities, YouTube and, above all, talking about animals. The viewer is told he is kind, helpful and selfless, with good intentions. He is vulnerable because of his childlike naivety and distractions from society. He is ridiculed and ostracised, as well as being marginalised by mainstream society because of his social awkwardness and lack of inhibitions. Derek says it is more important to be kind than to be clever or good-looking. Many media sources describe him as autistic, though Gervais has firmly denied this.[15] Gervais has, in fact, remained carefully ambiguous as to whether Derek is intellectually challenged, autistic, or otherwise.

She said it was better to be kind than to be clever or good looking, I’m not clever or good looking. But I’m kind. – Derek

I like the quote because it makes me realise what’s more important that people should be doing in their life, just be kind to one another.

The last quote is about forgiveness, it’s totally human to be mad or angry to somebody, but forgiveness is your choice. The quote is taken from final episode of season 2 when Derek reflected on his recent and timely reunion with his father who left him when he was a kid. He decided not to forgive his dad and did not want to see him any more, but at the end, he gave him a chance.

That’s the amazing thing about life, you can just rub it out and start again. It’s what you do from now. – Derek

Well, I guess challenges accomplished. YEAY!!!

P.S. If you need to cry, watch this series.

Lily Aldrin – 1st quote challenge

Hello everyone, finally I’m back on wordpress again, after some weeks off writing on-line. Well, life has been busy lately with cooking, daily working, watching new series on Netflix, and preparing my code test for my French driving licence. I have driving since I was 18 years old and now because of typical French driving regulation, I should have French driving licence as well, and it takes time and lots of patient.

Today, it’s about accepting “the quote challenge” from one of my favourite fellow blogger A Nenes Life.

How I Met Your Mother

My first day of the quote challenge is going to be one of quotes from Lily Aldrin. She is a fictional character in the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother.

Okay, yes, it’s a mistake. I know it’s a mistake. But there are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but you don’t really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make the mistake, and look back, and say, “Yep. That was a mistake.” So, really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake, because then you go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not. ~ Lily Aldrin

I like this quote because it simply contains lots of “mistakes”, LOL. Well, it might sound silly, but don’t be scare to make a mistake, because who knows it’s going to be a mistake or not, even if you made a mistake, don’t look back, just remember not to do the same old mistake, because you already knew it was a mistake.

20 Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

Have you ever been asking yourself about what would you buy in groceries when you have nothing in your fridge, neither have any ideas about what’s for dinner tonight? Here’s some basic ingredients that I always have in my kitchen:

  1. Oil & butter – I always have frying oil, olive oil and salted butter.

    Butter and Oil
    Frying oil, olive oil and salted butter
  2. Balsamic vinegar – this one is my favorite salad dressing

    balsamic vinegar
  3. Sauces – I always have ketchup, chili sauce, mayonnaise, Dijon ancient mustard, oyster sauce and sweet soy sauce (you can find it in your nearest Asian store)
  4. Tomato puree –  It replaces your fresh tomatoes when you make sauces.

    tomato purée, it can be any brand.
  5. Brown sugar – It’s my secret of cooking, I always put brown sugar in my sauces, vegetables stir-fried, and soup. It redeems the sour in your dishes.
  6. Spices – I always have & regularly use salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne, coriander powder, garlic powder, paprika powder.
  7. Vegetables or chicken broths – You will need when you cook soup and vegetables sautée. It replaces salt.
  8. Eggs – Omelette, fried egg, french toast (pain perdu), cakes, boiled egg, and more. So, yes you must have egg.egg
  9. Bread – Bread is pretty much a tummy saver when you don’t fancy to cook. You can make sweet or salty sandwich, you can make french toast or eggy bread, you can also make prawn toast with bread (just don’t forget to buy prawn and other ingredients) bread-08
  10. Flour & Maizena – For the baker, I think flour is your very important ingredient, but for me flour and maizena are my babies when I make fried chicken and fried vegetables. Did you know? 1 or 2 tbsp in your mixture can make it crispier.maizena-1-640
  11. Liquid cream & Milk – Liquid cream is basic ingredients when you making sauces for your steaks, or pasta. Did you know that you can put one or two tbsp of milk on your omelette batter?574_3673341
  12. Parmesan or cheddar cheese – These are basic cheese that you will need at home to make your pasta tastier.
  13. Onion, garlic & shallots – These are basic cooking ingredients. So yes you should have it. Almost every recipe has these ingredients.shallots-onions-garlic-497158
  14. Rice – I’m Asian and I can’t indeed live without rice, just like pasta for the Italians. There’s lots of different kind of rice, but I prefer jasmine rice in my cupboard. Did you know? If you’re mobile phone is wet, you can put it inside bag of rice, someone said and did it, they said it works. So, see rice is pretty important in our life nowadays. rice
  15. Pasta – You can make pasta with your left over sauces, or Bolognaise, pesto, creamy mushroom, and more. When I’m sick or too lazy to cook, I usually just put butter and seasoned with salt & pepper in my pasta. So, yeah, pasta, it’s a must in my kitchen.

    my favorite brand of pasta
  16. Green salad leaf – I love vegetables a lot, but I’m not kinda to frozen vegetables, so when I don’t really have time cook proper vegetables, green salad leaf is always available in my fridge. You can eat green salad leaf as your starter or it might also good for side dish for your steaks, chicken or any meat.

    link for picture
  17. Potatoes – chips or French fries, gratin, baked potato, chilli potato, soup, and more. Potatoes can always be good company for all your dishes. patates
  18. Canned tuna – Personally, canned tuna is my life saving when I need to saved some money at the end of the month :p , it’s worth less than 1 €  and you can mix it with any pasta or bread you have to make sandwich. Here’s my favourite recipe tuna and rocket penne.506b1978fb04d60a470013b7-_w-1500_s-fit_
  19. Chicken Breast -The first thing you can make with chicken breast is simply making chicken grilled which you just need to season it with salt & pepper and olive oil. What I usually do with chicken breast is making chicken katsu and caramel chicken. They are pretty easy and quick to prepare.raw-chicken-breasts
  20. Ground Meat – You can make lots of things based on ground meat – you can cook Bolognaise pasta, home made burger, or chilli beef lettuce wraps (Gordon Ramsay’s recipe, I’ve tried once without pork and it’s still delicious and tasty), home made meat balls, or stuffed vegetables.