5 binge-worthy shows that can make you laugh and cry

Whether you have sometimes off to stay at home and chill or just want to turn the TV on, so you don't feel alone at home. These are my favourite picks for binge watching that definitely can make you laugh and cry at the same time. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Raise your hand if you're not agree with… Continue reading 5 binge-worthy shows that can make you laugh and cry


Ricky Gervais on Derek – 2nd quote challenge

I have no idea who Ricky Gervais is until I watched some of his opening jokes at Golden Globes, this guy is mental in funny way. Since then, I started to watch pretty much everything that's he's on to, his daily jokes on twitter, even he's appearance on Ellen Degeneres Show. But today, It's about… Continue reading Ricky Gervais on Derek – 2nd quote challenge

Lily Aldrin – 1st quote challenge

Hello everyone, finally I'm back on wordpress again, after some weeks off writing on-line. Well, life has been busy lately with cooking, daily working, watching new series on Netflix, and preparing my code test for my French driving licence. I have driving since I was 18 years old and now because of typical French driving… Continue reading Lily Aldrin – 1st quote challenge

10 websites to visit when you’re bored

These are 10 free websites that you can visit to kill your time: Bored Panda You will discover¬† leading art, design and photography community for creative people that sometimes turn into stories. They also have travel stories, DIY project, even parenting categories. 2. Konbini I know this website from my friend, she was an intern… Continue reading 10 websites to visit when you’re bored

Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes

"Heart-warming, breathtaking, unusual moving romance!"     I chose randomly this book from good reads' website recommendation. They said "best seller" for fiction category, so it's quite tempting to me to read this book, thought that it would gonna be a kind usual romance novel like any others romance novels, therefore this novel is awe-inspiring… Continue reading Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes