Where to eat in Rouen (part 3)

Hello everyone, I’m back again to let you know some good address to eat while you in Rouen. So here is some good restaurants that I have been tasted for the last couple weeks from classic steak house, Vietnamese street food, Italian anti-pasti and a one star Michelin restaurant.


After having that very good T-BONE steak in Bordeaux, you couldn’t imagine how I was craving to eat a good steak again. When I came back to Rouen, I started to google a proper steakhouse, that is how I found this elegant steakhouse, Rotomagus. Located just in front of the Eglise Saint Maclou, 15th century gothic church, this steakhouse is not just giving you a good view to look at, but also a taste of matured meat unique taste. The price is quite expensive, but if you are really a meat lover, it is really worth to try. I had bone marrow as a starter and black Angus as main course.

The address:
7 Place Berthelemy 76000 Rouen
Website and reservation click here


After some desperate time finding good asian food in Rouen, I finally found another good decent Asian dishes in Bambou, a Vietnamese restaurant located near the Rouen Cathedral. This restaurant offers authentic Vietnamese food such as Bo bun, Pho, spring rolls, fried noodles.. and many more. All the food is freshly prepared, even the spring rolls.

I ordered spring rolls for starter, beef Bo bun for main course and a tea-pot of green tea, only for 18€.

The address:
41 Rue Grand Pont 76000 Rouen
Phone : +336 52 61 31 75


L’Odas is one star Michelin gastronomique restaurant, located in a heart of the city. For a Michelin star restaurant, the price is very reasonable, if you go find this kind of restaurant in a bigger city such as Paris, I bet you won’t have this kind of price. The price menu starts from 29€ for lunch during weekdays, and 49€ during for lunch and dinner during weekends (price exclude drinks). I went there last weekend after making a reservation a month ahead for Saturday lunch. The restaurant is pretty small, now I understood that reservation is very important for the weekend.

With 49€ menu, you can get appetizers, 2 starters, 1 main course and a dessert. The unique thing about this restaurant is blind menu, you just need to tell the waitress what you don’t like or can’t eat, and you will get custom meal. They do also have menu à la carte (but it depends on what available). I told them that I don’t eat porc, I got a foie gras poêlé, noix saint Jacques as starters and a beautiful meat cut for main course.

The address:
4 Passage Maurice l’enfant 76000 Rouen

You can make reservation via the Fork application. Website click here


If you like Italian anti-pasti, L’Oritano is the perfect address. They offer different kind anti-pasti every season, which in this case I can’t give you what best to choose as it really depends on what available. However, I can assure you that their meal has a good quality and homemade prepared.

Price per plate is between 6,50€ to 8€. I usually order 2 – 3 plates. So it is indeed affordable.

If you like to know more good address in Rouen, you can read my first article here and second article here.


Where to eat in Paris (part 2)

This weekend I went to Paris to visit my friends, but mostly doing some food tasting. I was so lucky to have them, they are really supportive when I told them I need to taste new restaurants, so that I can keep updating my blog. They first gave me some list of good address to choose, and they made a reservation afterwards.

My bus arrived in Paris at 1 pm, I took Metro line 1 (M1) and got off at Hotel de Ville. The restaurant is located about 4 minutes away from there. Click here to get direction in Paris.


This Parisian brasserie by Chef Mauro Colagreco is our first choice for today food tasting. I am actually quite picky on choosing gastronomic restaurant.  Firstly, I need to look at the menu and make sure that there will be main course that I like to eat. So, I went to their website and look at their menu before making reservation. As usually gastronomic restaurant are quite expensive, I just want to make sure that I spend money not only for quality of food or for the sake of Michelin guide restaurant, but also to eat something that I like.


My first impression about this restaurant is the location. The restaurant is located inside a small yard in between Haussmannian buildings in Le Marais neighborhood . I arrived a little bit early, so I had a chance to enjoy some ballerina and dancing class upstairs in the surrounded buildings while waiting my friends to come. I bet it will be so nice eating at the terrace during the summer.

We decided to have different things on the menu, so we can share and taste our foods.I chose calamari as a starter and Roasted duck as main course. We didn’t have dessert, because we decided to take a quick dessert while walking through the town.

I spent 53€ for starter, main course and a glass of Bordeaux red wine (Merlot).

The address:
41 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris
Click here to reserve your table.
Click here to read their menu

Eclair de Génie

I might be exagerating, but everytime I come to Paris, I always come to this place. Despite, it is located where my friend lives. This eclair shop made me fall in love with eclair for the first time. The first time I tried eclair was at the bakery shop near my office, and I really didn’t like it.  Since then I was quite sceptic about tasting eclair. It was my friend who forced me to buy and taste it at this shop. If you had watched the Rattatouile disney movie, I was that food critics guy when he first tasted the rattatouile in the restaurant. It was so so delicious. It is quite expensive though, starts from 6€ per eclair but you must to try it.


The address:
14 Rue Pavée, 75004 Paris
Website click here

Exotic groceries at Izraël

We accidentally visited this grocery shop while queuing to another dessert spot Aux Merveilleux de Fred next door. When we came inside, it was like heaven. You can find spices, snacking, olive, and other groceries from all over the world. We bought some apple crisps, vegetable crisps and almond peanuts mix. The almond peanuts taste really amazing.

Aux Merveilleux de Fred

We stopped at another dessert spot because one of my friend wanted to buy brioche au chocolat (chocolate brioche) from this shop. I’ve already knew this shop a longtime ago when I studied in Lille. Their first store was actually opened in 1997 by Frederic Vaucamps in the historic city center of Lille, France. Now, they have many stores all across Europe and 1 store in the US. This store specialties are Les Merveilleux (short of meringue cake covers with different flavors of chocolate) and brioche bread.


The address:
24 Rue du Pont Louis Philippe
75004 Paris
Open from Tuesday – Sunday
Website click here

La Caféothèque de Paris

We stopped for coffee to kill times before having our dinner at 8pm. This place is a perfect place to go if you want to know the art of coffee, learning to be a barista, learning about the culture of coffee or simply enjoying their coffee. I’m not really a coffee person, but I love enjoying the smell of fresh coffee at this place. Don’t worry if you don’t like to drink coffee, they serve also various drinks other than coffee.


The address:
52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris
Open from Monday – Sunday
Website: click here


We finally ended our food tasting day at this Japanese restaurant, located in popular area in Paris, rue Saint Honoré. We chose this place with a very last minute reservation, we got lucky we had a chance to get table that night, as usually this place is always crowded. This one is so far the best Japanese restaurant I have ever visited in my entire life. This Tokyo-based eatery opened its place in Paris since 1996, and serve Unagi (grilled eel) as their specialty. This place has good review from Michelin Guide. So I can assure that you will not be dissapointed eating at this place, unless you hate or allergic on eel.


I spent 50€ for bento, vanilla ice cream with red beans, and sencha.

The address:
272 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris
Click here for reservation
Click here for menu

Open from Monday – Saturday

This is my second article about food address in Paris. If you are looking for more restaurants recommendation, you can click here.



Brunch at Ströke, Rouen

Well, well, well… For the sake of keeping me motivate to update my restaurant review and blogging obviously. I went to another brunch spot in Rouen with my friend. The good thing is I have a new food buddy to keep me company during my food tasting (side note: food buddy means not afraid to get fat and love eating as much as I like).

This is my second brunch tasting in Rouen. First thing to do before having brunch in France is reservation. It might be because brunch is actually not a french culture, and nowadays brunch is getting more and more popular, yet there are not much restaurants serving brunch unless you live in quite big city.

I booked a week before to get a table for 2 persons at Ströke restaurant. There are two-time slots, first time slot is at 12.00 – 14.00 and second time slot is at 14.00 – 16.00. We got in at the first time slot.


The place itself is quite big, but you cannot choose your own table, you need to get to the waitress and ask for your reservation. We got a quite place at the sofa. The table is quite small for us, so we cannot put  everything on the table. Yet, we manage to eat without any problem. I suggest you come on time, otherwise it gets busy after 1 am. This brunch is a half self-service brunch. They have the buffet of salty and sweet dishes on the corner. Also, another corner with a chef serving you some hot dishes.

photo courtesy click here

Price: 22.50€/person

What you got:
1 hot drink (tea, coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate)
1 cold drink (juices, wine, or beer)
sweet and salty buffet
orange juice and refill
hot corner (eggs, sausages, bacon, risotto, vegetables sauté, baked tomatoes, and depends on the day)

What I love about this place:
The decoration of the restaurant is pretty homey. It is really a good place to hang out and chit-chat for hours.

5 Quai de Bois guilbert
Batiment E – Espace des Marégraphes
76000 ROUEN
Phone:+33 (0) 6 31 76 69 34
Click here for reservation

Will you pay 22€ for that kind of brunch or will you prefer making your own brunch?




Where to eat in Bordeaux

I might have bad weather and cold winter when I visited Bordeaux during NYE. But, I could never forget how I was happy with the food I had there. I even wish that Bordeaux is just next door, so I could go back there anytime I want.

Here is the two best address for food that you definitely need to go if you’re in Bordeaux.

Les Halles de Bacalan

I accidentally visit this place while I was on my way to visit the city of wine (la cité du vin) – one of tourist attractions in Bordeaux that located outside the city center.

La cité du vin

Les halles de Bacalan is Bordeaux food market that located just in front of this modern building “la cité du vin“.

You have two entries, front door to enjoy tranquility eating at the brasseries and left back door to get into the food market.

Well, I chose the back door that took me to the food market. I remembered, my eyes were sparkling, this food market is a food heaven. The idea is like fresh market, but instead of selling the veggies, beef, fish, seafood and other groceries – they also have an open kitchen to offer us meal from the fresh markets. You have lots of choices of meals, appetizers, home-made fast food, even cheese and wines.

I’ve turned around and round, I didn’t know which one I should try. Finally, I made up my mind and stop to the traiteur du monde “Black Duck”. The black burger bun was really attractive. It was busy at noon, so I needed to wait for 5-10 minutes until a family had finished their lunch and I finally got my table. Was it worth to wait? Oh yes! I had no regret at all, it was one of the best burger I’ve ever tasted in my life.

The address:
10 Esplanade de Pontac – 33300 Bordeaux

Opening hours:

  • Tue – Wed: 8am-2.30pm and 4.30 pm – 8.30pm
  • Thu – Fri: 8am-2.30pm and 4.30 pm – 10.30pm
  • Sat: 8am – 10.30pm
  • Sun : 8am – 5pm

Website: click here

Le bar du Boucher

Located in the center of Bordeaux, this steakhouse offer you a non-stop service everyday. The story began when I went out to get lunch after 2 pm, which is considered late to have lunch in France as the lunch service is normally started from 12 pm to 3pm. Firstly, I went to the Bistro Gordon Ramsay but unfortunately they didn’t accept anymore customers at that time. I went around to other restaurant and it was also the same. After walking for half an hour, I finally found this restaurant which actually offer a service continue (in French means service open all day). I did not think much, I just went in and ask for a table.

The restaurant itself is really charming, the interior was covered with the old stones built during the 18th century. The ambiance was really friendly and homey. If you come to eat alone, believe me, you won’t feel alone. The table sets are very unique. Instead of putting classic tables, they put long wooden table with big wooden benches. My table was at the back near the wine cellar with another two couples whom already sat there.

Unlike other restaurant, this steakhouse will give you the freedom to choose your own meat-cut at the butcher bar located in the middle of the restaurant. The butcher will invite you to come and suggest what kind of meat do you like to eat and how you want it to be cooked.

I chose T-bone steak as you hardly find this kind of meat cut in French restaurants. T-bone cut is where you have the bone between the sirloin and rib eye. It tasted really amazing.

The address:
5 Rue Parlement Sainte-Catherine, 33000 Bordeaux

Website: click here

First Sunday Brunch in Rouen

In the name of being a truly committed food traveler, my weekend restaurant / tea shops / brunches plans are almost booked at least until mid March. Believe me, it’s not that easy as you need to start making plans, reservation, and most important is having a rubber tummy. I even ended up canceling my Sunday outing in the afternoon, as I could barely move after having the brunch. Well, it’s kinda my fault, may be I shouldn’t have heavy dinner the night before, knowing that I would have brunch in the next morning. Wondering what I had at my first Sunday brunch? Here’s the story..

So, I booked it at this local cafe, le Déli Cat (click on best address for foodies – part 2 for more stories about this address).

This cat is Picasso, she likes butter.

It is good to note that most of the time, you need to make reservation for brunch, as you need at least 2 hours to be served. I went there around 11 am, and of course without having any prior breakfast at home.

Price of brunch : 20€ / person

This is what I got:

Tartines (breads) with butter and choice of jams.

You can ask for refill if you want too.

Hot and cold drinks

You can ask refill or try different hot drink as much as you like. Hot drink choices : hot chocolate, coffee, latte, cappuccino and teas.

Cold drink served once. You can have homemade vitamins juices.

Fruit salads

Served with raspberry sauce and crumble of spéculos.

Tartine of salmon and avocado, served with scrambled eggs

If you don’t like salmon and avocado, you can have tartine with ham and vegetables. Or if you don’t like both of them, you might ask customs meal.

Panna cota for dessert

You can have a classic panna cota with raspberry sauce, or if you don’t like it as I do. You can ask them to replace it with dark chocolate syrup.