Please simply respect our grieving.


I still could not believe my self about what had happened in Paris on Friday, 13th November 2015. I was watching football on the telly at that moment, I just noticed nearly one hour after the first attack in Stade de France and Bataclan concert venue. The news told us that at least 13 persons was killed and approximately 100 persons were still in hostage inside the concert venue. I kept my self awake watching the police RAID officers tried to free people in hostage. I’ve never believed that it was part of our reality, I thought that only could happened in the box offices movies.

At half past four in the morning, I was woken up by some phone calls from unknown numbers. I woke up with my eyes half open and those phone calls coming from Indonesian country numbers. So, I went back to sleep because it wasn’t my family’s numbers. My phone was still vibrating, so I finally decided to take it. It was from one of Indonesian press, the guy said he wanted to know the actual situation in Paris, he asked me about the 6 attacks in Paris, I told him in half asleep that I am not living in Paris, and I was not quite sure how many attacks happened, I only knew there was 4 attacks before I was asleep, and 13 persons were confirmed dead. Then, I ended up the phone call by saying “It’s 4 am in the morning and I’m asleep, please call me again later and thank you for your call!”

My phone is still vibrating couple minutes after, I looked up the numbers and two different numbers, so I guess it was from different press. I do not even know how can they get my number. I turned my phone off.

8 o’clock in the morning. I woke up pretty early that day, I still remembered the terror nightmare I had that night after the phone calls. I turned my phone on, there’s lots of messages and missed calls. The first message I had opened was from my brother, he wanted me to call my mom as soon as I’m awake. So, I called my mom and told her that I am OK, also told her not to be worried because I lived 120 km away from Paris.

I turned the telly on. According to the news, 129 persons were confirmed dead, more than 300 persons were wounded, and some of them are in critical condition.

The Indonesian press called me again, I told them that I’m not living in Paris, and I could not get them accurate information but the news I’ve seen on the telly. I emphasized that the tragedy happened so quick and even the local media were still updating every minutes and every second. So, please help yourself updated by social media.

Calls and messages from Indonesian friends, colleagues across the continents. Then, bunch of condolence messages and posts expressed on Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social medias. I can say anything but thank you to people who cares about what happened in Paris. It shows us that humanity does still exist.

Yet, later that day, I’ve read some posts on my Facebook time line from people that I called friends, said worse things about people who suddenly grieving about terror in Paris, but this people ignored about what happened in Beyrouth, Lebanon, a day earlier before the attack in Paris which killing 43 people and at least 239 others were wounded.

Worse things: some people said in the social media, that France deserved this because France was also attacking people in Syria.

I believe some of you are among well educated people in the world. And I do realise that now we are living in a freedom of speech, you can say anything you want. But, what I wonder is  what a different between you and the killers when you have a cold heart. France is, for the fourth time (read: Charlie Hebdo, Thalys & Linde Gas tragedy) grieving. We are not talking about any religion or who’s deserved who. The act of killing innocent people is unacceptable by any religion in the world wherever it is. I still do not understand how people dare to give such opinion when other people is moaning for their lost.  This tragedy is more than a broken heart or crying over a sad movie. This is real life happened just next to you. I could not help myself cry over parents who lost their two daughters, when a brother lost their lovely sisters, a baby girl who lost her mother, a girlfriend who lost her boyfriend in her arm, and it is just more than a broken heart. It’s a national grieving and even it is difficult for us to understand how this just happened. And, what just happened in Paris is clearly unexpected, this is also proved that the terror might be happened anytime near you. So, I beg you please respect our grieving and have a little pray that similar tragedy won’t happen anywhere else.


Civil law and Common law

law books

Civil law is the oldest legal system in the world, originating in Europe and spreading in Asia or Latin America as a result of the colonization period. This legal system is also known by the legal system Romano-Germanic, which is likely to have legal certainty compared to the common law system. The reason is because the source of civil law is written as a guidance in their legal practice in the civilian countries. In other words the legal system more stable. In this case legal practitioners such as judges, prosecutors, attorneys or the state apparatus will look at the legislation in resolving certain legal situations. In this case the judge has a role and obligation to apply the rules to find the solution of a case in other words the judge does not have the authority to create new law. In contrast to the common law system where laws are written only be used as a reference in finding a solution, the judge in this case has the full authority to create new law that is fair and efficient and coherent in accordance with the facts that exist. In other words, the common law of this system is more flexible than the civil law system.

Along with the rapid development period, or better known as globalization, where countries are dealing with the current global economy. In this case the law demanded to evolve with the growth of the world economy. Without realizing it happens  the penetration of common law system  in the civil law system goes through the Trojan horses system, which is the Common law way of interpretation by mixing Common law elements in civil law system. It usually brought by the practice of European judges at the European court system.

In the economic field, the civil law system tends to lose its influence. This happens because of the difficulty in changing the rules of law in the civil law system, which takes time to change the laws. Common law systems tend to be more flexible in the movement of highly dynamic world economy.

Some adherents of the civil law system countries such as Japan and Indonesia began to incorporate the common law system of teaching methods into national law. These countries tend to begin to realize that when globalization was in front, international transactions is increasing, which takes lawyers to make contractual agreements between countries. Therefore, these countries prepare themselves by building schools or law schools implement existing laws with the American-style learning method or common law learning method. Common law, as I mentioned earlier has a dynamic nature and can keep up with the times is so fast. Unlike the civil law system that tends to be slower in the times and needs time to adapt.

In the civil law as well as the teaching method taught law schools in France, where the teaching method is the provision of theories, or a description of the existing rules in detail. Where the teaching is done by the method of dictation. This is in sharp contrast with the American method wherein the teaching is done by reasoning and questioning. The law students tend not to know well the theory,  on the other hand they are required to think how to deal with an actual case. So it is currently applied by some law schools in Indonesia where law students are required to seek the basic theory in solving a case through the study of literature, or even to apply the method of question and answer in the lecture or better known as the Socratic method. This teaching method is usually in the form of a class debate in which law students in Indonesia is required to be able to make a legal solution is not only based on existing regulations. So, if the rule comes first than facts in civil law system, then facts come first than the rules in the common law system.

Book Review ‘Me Before You’ – Jojo Moyes

“Heart-warming, breathtaking, unusual moving romance!”




I chose randomly this book from goodreads’ website recommendation. They said “best seller” for fiction category, so it’s quite tempting to me to read this book, thought that it would gonna be a kind usual romance novel like any others romance novels, therefore this novel is awe-inspiring me a lot, and honestly say “I can’t keep my mind off of projecting the story out” since I had finished the entire novel. Well, I am kinda person that capable to picture stories that I read. Plus, birds say they will turn this book into a movie, OMG I just can’t wait!

Anyway, as I quoted before, this book is an unusual moving romance, when many romance novels are somehow very excessive in story, which is somehow is too good to be true in real life, but this novel tells me that this kind love story might be happened in real life.Love story is not only about how boys meet girls, beautiful woman falls in love with handsome man, or good girl meets bad boy and than simple broken heart,. Well, this novel create unusual character, a quadripelagic man and his carer who falling love each other unconditionally.

Breathtaking, well, the writer was so brave to build such a taboo issue into a novel, I thought that “a right to suicide” does exist only in newspapers and my human rights law book, and people who decide to kill themselves are people who never to be grateful to have life, and family who let their member to suicide or is unreasonably crazy. I couldn’t even imagine how they could send their love one to commit a suicide in Dignitas (anyway this place does really exist in Switzerland). But, after read this novel, it made myself thinking how if I was born to be a quadripelagic? Just simply read this novel because you will drown into those feeling.

“Well writing romance novel using simple english words that easy to be understood by non-english-native-reader.”

 P.S. pardon my english grammar :p