Throwback Thursday: Little Swiss in Normandy

In the spirit of #throwbackthursday and how I finally proud living in Normandy :p , I will show you my sweet trip to Bagnoles de l'Orne in Lower Normandy. At first, I had no idea where the town is, I simply found the town when I was searching a weekend great deal on travelbird website.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Little Swiss in Normandy


Hello from Dieppe!

  Dieppe is one of coastal town located in Upper Normandy which famous with their scallops and seafood. Two weeks ago we went to this town to taste some of Dieppe's culinaire and visit the famous "Marché de Dieppe"(read: Dieppe's market). The market is the lively Saturday morning in downtown Dieppe. A popular meeting place for… Continue reading Hello from Dieppe!

What I love about Rouen

I've been moving to different cities across France - from the south to the north, and now I'm currently stuck in the capital city of Normandy, Rouen. It's been more than two years living in Normandy, but I've never written about Rouen. I usually visit the town on Saturday and when it was not raining.… Continue reading What I love about Rouen

A weekend getaway to Lower-Normandy : a trip to remember WWII

It was May 8th, 1945, which is generally known as victory day in Europe, when Nazi Germany's is finally surrendered to Allies of WWII and the war with Germany was over. Well, my travel story started when i was too excited to know that my Company let their employees to enjoy this May 8-9th bank… Continue reading A weekend getaway to Lower-Normandy : a trip to remember WWII