Crabs with oyster sauce

I'm back with my new recipe. This time, I would like to share one of the easiest dish I made with Crab. Ingredients: Half Crab 2 garlics (finely chopped) Black pepper 2/3 tbsp of oyster sauce Asparagus Olive oil Balsamic vinegar glaze Cup of water 1tsp of sugar Methodes: Steam the crab until it cooks,… Continue reading Crabs with oyster sauce


indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup

Spring is coming ! Therefore for us who lives in Upper Normandy, cloudy and rainy day sometimes come along. But don't be sad, because it would be a good season to find fresh spring vegetables easily everywhere. Asparagus is one of this kind vegetables. Since I'm Indonesian, I'm going to share you one of my… Continue reading indonesian gourmet asparagus spring soup