10 websites to visit when you’re bored

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These are 10 free websites that you can visit to kill your time:

  1. Bored Panda

You will discover  leading art, design and photography community for creative people that sometimes turn into stories. They also have travel stories, DIY project, even parenting categories.

2. Konbini

I know this website from my friend, she was an intern at Konbini France. For those who like pop culture and want to know what’s gone viral at the moment, this is the right place.

3. House and garden

Wait a sec folks, it’s not only about house and garden, I found this website  when I was searching for some cooking idea. They have goods recipes with some tips, travel ideas, also some tips & advice for home decoration.

4. Learning English for work by BBC

If you’re not English native speaker and you just need to learn English very quickly because you do not have a lot of time to go to take lessons at schools, this website is giving you free lesson and some useful vocabulary that you normally use at work.

5. ZergNet entertainment

This is pretty much a website for guilty pleasure. Yep! It is a good place to find update of your favourite celebrity news.

6. Udacity

Are you interested to have free lessons in marketing management, web development, software engineering? They have some free courses which built and recognized by industry leaders  such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and even Amazon.

7. Travelbird

If you want to have a nice weekend getaway or an affordable package deal, I recommend this website a lot. They give you lots of choice of holiday package deals, city trip, spa trip and gastronomic restaurant deals.

8. Duo Lingo 

This website has free lessons for some languages around the world. It is useful for travelers.

9. Life hacker

Tips and tricks for improving all areas of your life.
10. 9 gag

Who doesn’t know 9 gag? This website has some everyday pictures or videos that turn into fun jokes.
Have fun guys!